Cyber Security Standards

Introduction to Cyber Security Standards

Cyber Security Standards, in the modern and highly dynamic era, everything works in a different way. If something is working in one direction, then probably the other things could do the same thing by moving in some other direction. So the entire idea behind this is, though the approach may be different, things could still make the work happen. In terms of cybersecurity, every party of the region believes in implementing their own set of standards but as the Internet is something used worldwide, there are various standards that have to be unchanged regardless of wherever the internet is being used.


What is Cyber Security Standards?

Below is the detail explanation of Cyber Security Standards:

  • Cyber Security standard may be defined as the set of rules that an organization has to comply in order to gain right for some particular things like for accepting online payment, for storing patient data and so on. The standards consist of some of the basic rules that the organization is supposed to obey in order to maintain compliance with any of the cybersecurity standards. Based on the requirement of the enterprise or the organization, there are several different standards that they can opt for to bring special capabilities. In some places, the government has its own standard that anyone has to obey who is willing to work for the government.
  • Cybersecurity standards can also be explained as the list of policies that have to be applied in the system to hold the compliance of any standard. For illustration, if any organization wants to accept online payment, it is a must for them to comply with the PCI DSS standard. There are some of the strict rules that fall under this compliance that the organization must have to follow in order to be eligible to process online payment. Their system has to be up to date, free of vulnerabilities, they should generate network report very often and things like there are included in the standards. If the organization is able to provide healthy reports, they are good to accept online payments, else they will not be able to ask for the payment through their online interface.

Cyber Security Standards

There are several cybersecurity standards out there that are supposed to protect the system and its users in various ways. Based on what kind of data has to be protected, there are different standards. Below are some of the common and important standards:

1. ISO 27001

This is one of the common standards that adhere to the organization to implement an Information security management system. It is comprised of the set of procedures that states the rules and requirements which has to be satisfied in order to get the organization certified with this standard. As per this standard, the organization is supposed to keep all the technology up to date, the servers should exist without vulnerabilities and the organization has to be audited after the specified interval to remain compiled to this standard. It is an international standard and every organization that serves other organization that complies with this standard is supposed to comply with ISMS policy that is covered under ISO 27001 practice.


PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This can be considered as the standard that has to be opted by the organization that accepts payment through their gateway. The businesses that store user data like their name and card related information must have to adopt this standard in their organization. As per this compliance, the technologies used by the organization should be up-to-date and their system should continuously undergo the security assessment to ensure that it is not having any severe vulnerability. This standard was developed by the cluster of card brands(American Express, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and Discover).


HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is the standard that the hospitals are supposed to follow to ensure that their patient’s data are fully protected and cannot be leaked anyway. In order to comply with this standard, the hospital must have a strong network security team who takes care of all the security incidents, their quarterly security reports should be healthy, all the transaction has to be done in encrypted mode and so on. This standard ensures that the critical health-related information of the patient will remain secure so that the patient can feel safe about their health.


FINRA stands for Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. This standard is all about making things secure for the financial bodies that handle the funds or aggressively engaged in financial transactions. In this standard, the system is supposed to be highly secure and to comply with this standard, various measures have to be considered in terms of data security and the user’s data protection. It is one of the most essential standards that all the organizations based on finance are supposed to comply with.


GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is a standard defined by the Europian government which is concerned about the data protection of all the users. In this standard, the body that has to manage the compliance has to make sure that the user’s data is secure and cannot be accessed without proper authorization. As the name states, this standard mainly focuses on the safety of the user’s data so that they can feel safe while sharing it with any of the organizations that are complying with the General Data Protection Regulation.



The cybersecurity standards work as the set of policies that define the methods or approaches that have to be followed in order to keep the system protected. There are several cybersecurity standards available in the market and some of the new standards are expected to be introduced by this year. Almost all of the organization that operates at a higher level are bound to comply with the standards as it is the factors that ensure the security of the organization.

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