Airfiber Home Fair Use Policy

Airfiber Home, Airfiber’s residential home service offers affordable, unlimited high-speed internet for homes and apartments. Airfiber Home is an unlimited, monthly prepaid service. There is no limit to the connection time. Multiple devices may be used for the duration of your subscription.

The Fair Use Policy is Airfiber’s means to monitor and control bandwidth capacity to give all users fair access to the available capacity. The Fair Use Policy ensures that this bandwidth capacity is not used disproportionately by some and others are penalized on their account. Airfiber operates a Fair Use Policy, for users who have downloaded an excessive volume of data in the course of one month’s subscription, which can limit the connection speed – during heavy peak hours – in order to ensure that others who have not downloaded their fair share of data on that day are not affected. Airfiber also reserves the right to throttle or suspend users that have excessive use on a regular basis and exceed total bandwidth usage allocated to the customer for that month based on his subscription level.

You can subscribe to various speed options at different prices. The bandwidth is symmetrical, which means your connection can provide up to the same speeds for uploads and downloads.

Speeds refer to the total bandwidth speed between the Airfiber network and a single Customer connection. Therefore, if a Customer has subscribed to the 10 Mbps plan, the total combined bandwidth available to all devices at any given point in time is up to 10 Mbps. Note that activities such as streaming consume a high amount of data and may greatly reduce the bandwidth available to other devices using the same connection.

Airfiber’s bandwidth is contended by all users in proportion to the quoted bandwidth speed. Bandwidth sharing is designed to deliver the best possible residential user experience and quality of service to all residential users in a fair manner.

Airfiber Hotspot Fair Use Policy

AirfiberHotspot, Airfiber’s WiFi Hotspot internet service offers very affordable, high-speed internet available for purchase where Airfiberspot hotspots have been installed. Users may use up to the amount of data purchased by M-Pesa in their chosen data bundle or users may use up to the amount of data provided by sponsored offers for watching advertisements or taking polls. Users must use this data at any Airfiberspot hotspot location before the data bundle expiration period.

Any Airfiberspot data bundles purchased or otherwise acquired from sources other than the aforementioned authorized sources may be deemed invalid and Airfiber maintains no obligation to deliver internet via those unauthorized data bundles.

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