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Get ready for more potential, more opportunity and more of everything you expect from Airfiber internet service providers in Kenya!

Airfiber Home Wi-Fi

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Airfiber 2

Airfiber Value Pack is most suitable for home use

Airfiber 3


Airfiber 4

Airfiber Pro is suitable for online businesses as well as watching smart TV

Airfiber Business Wi-Fi

DEDICATED Internet is what we offer for business connections, the bandwidth speed is consistent in both directions and the network is available 24 hours a day with no slow-down during peak times. Airfiber Business Wi-Fi ensures that your organization can lead the pack and gain a competitive edge

WHY CHOOSE Airfiber Business Wi-Fi:

• Dedicated Bandwidth:- Dedicated means your connection goes directly and only to your business location. You don’t share with neighboring businesses. The result is faster speeds, less latency, and no packet-loss.
• Static IPs:- Static IPs are more reliable and secure. Static IPs will enable you to host your own infrastructure like file and mail servers.
• Symmetrical:- Symmetrical means you can upload as fast as you download. This is crucial for businesses that backup data to offsite centers and utilize cloud services.
• SLA:- A Service Level agreement guarantees that your business receives the service and speed as promised by the provider. If your connection degrades, the SLA gives the customer an opportunity to negotiate the terms and pricing of their service agreement.
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Airfiber Public Hotspot Wi-Fi

A hotspot is a specific area where you can connect your Wi-Fi enabled device to the Internet using Wi-Fi technology. There are over 600 hotspots across Mombasa, Kilifi, Malindi, Likoni, Kwale and Ukunda towns.

Airfiber, provides internet via Wi-Fi hotspots which are located at strategic zones countrywide. Customers can connect their Wi-Fi enabled devices and enjoy surfing the internet using a one-time login.

Airfiber enables you to get online from one Airfiber hotspot to the next seamlessly, using a one-time login.

With every hotspot, there is an Airfiber Agent available to help you get online efficiently. There are three Airfiber Hotspot Wi-Fi plans to choose from as seen below.

Home and Business plans range from 2Mbps up to 100Mbps for commercial use.










Getting Started Is Easy!

  1. Be at any ZICNET hotspot Zone. Click here for the list of zones. 
  2. Connect to ZICNET Wi-Fi on your Internet enabled device.
  3. You will be auto redirected to ZICNET’S login page
  4. Choose your preferred plan:- Daily, Weekly 0r Monthly.
  5. Pay via Mpesa. Paybill no: 240042, Account no. your name. You will receive an SMS with the login credentials, which you must use to get online. Please ensure you save login credentials for future use. 
  6. Enjoy unlimited browsing at ultra-high speeds

Airfiber is the fastest growing fixed wireless internet provider in the Coastal of Kenya offering unlimited fibre quality internet connectivity!

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