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Airfiber is a service mark of Zicnet Technologies Limited, a multi-technology company in the ICT industry. At Airfiber we offer unique, affordable, scalable internet solutions that gears towards bridging the digital communication divide between urban and rural areas in Coastal region and Kenya as a whole. This is in line with GoK’s Vison 2030 ICT goals.
Airfiber is the answer to the increasing demand for internet services in urban, semi-urban and rural areas. The progressive deployment and expansion of Airfiber network, allows for positive growth across sectors such as Education, Health, Agriculture and Entrepreneurship.

Education: Students will have the opportunity of using internet to access virtual classes.
Health: Patients will be able to talk to their doctors even from several kilometers apart.
Agriculture: Farmers will be able to benefit from accessing weather forecast, learning about the latest farming techniques that deliver greater crop yields and livestock.
Entrepreneurs: will be able to be conduct online business through e-commerce.

With nearly half of Kenya’s population lacking effective access to affordable and scalable internet, Airfiber is the total one stop solution through the deployment of advanced pioneering last-mile wireless technology platform for use across all sectors in Kenya. We pride ourselves as the best in Last mile internet service deployment using various techniques coupled with proprietary software in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Airfiber is the fastest growing fixed wireless internet provider in the Coastal of Kenya offering unlimited fibre quality internet connectivity!

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